Adjustable Gastric Band

banda gástrica

Kuzmak introduced the gastric band in the 80’s. The procedure consisted in placing a rigid silicon band around the stomach creating a small gastric reservoir above the band with a small orifice for drainage. Later the gastric band was modified by placing a section that could be adjusted that was connected to a device located in the abdominal wall, manipulated by the physician according to the patients needs.

This last modification allows the doctor to adjust the flow of the food to the rest of the stomach, similar to a sand clock, taking into consideration the amount of weight that the patient is loosing and the signs of side effects such as acid reflux and vomit. These adjustments may be done thanks to a small port placed under the patients skin that is accessed by a special needle.

Some of the advantages that the Adjustable Gastric Band has are that it is a less aggressive procedure than the others because there is no need for cutting any organ or reconnections (anastomosis), reducing the risk of leakage.